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Murder Rules Empty Murder Rules

Post by Phoenix on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:02 pm

1. Respect everyone, especially staff.
2. Do not exploit bugs, instead notify a staff member. If you're caught exploiting the bug you will be suitably punished.
3. Do not avoid a consequence, this will simply result in a more severe punishment.
4. Do not go AFK for long periods of time.
5. Do not argue with staff.
6. Do not door block.
7. Do not RDM (Random Death Match).
8. Do not delay the round.
9. Do not call somebody the Murderer just so that you can pick up the gun once they have been shot.
10. If somebody is AFK wait atleast 5 minutes into the round before shooting them.
11. If somebody is following you, repeatedly hitting you with things or pestering you may shoot them ONLY after you have warned them in chat 3 times.
12. Do not metagame.
13. Do not prop surf or kill
14. Do not gun camp.
15. Do not discriminate. i.e. Racism, sexism etc
16. Do not spam, this includes voice and text chat.
17. Pornographic sprays are an instant ban.
18. Do not cheat or hack.

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