How to play :D (Simple instructions)

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How to play :D (Simple instructions) Empty How to play :D (Simple instructions)

Post by Phoenix on Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:05 pm

This is a very simplified instruction thread to teach you the general way to play and enjoy DarkRP.

After loading into the server you will want to type /rpname and type in your role play name, preferably a first and last name. After choosing that, click F4, this will open the job menu. Each job should have a generalised description of how it is intended to be played. For example, picking a gun dealer will place you in the role of a merchant who, obviously, deals guns. Some jobs, like the gun dealer, simply involve opening a shop, purchasing your merchandise and selling to customers. Other jobs like hitmen, take a more hands on approach, having to find a player with a grudge against another player, collecting a valid reason for killing said player, tracking them down and killing them. If you're looking for a relaxing time on DarkRP with no drama or complications I would just suggest staying as a citizen and living out your boring days.

Another significant part of DarkRP is raiding. Raids should ALWAYS be advertised in the chat. Raiding is the act of a player/group of players breaking into a store/house and stealing their goods. In many situations the raiders will kill necessary players. If you find yourself being raided you are allowed to take action. If a player is found lock picking your door or is in your house you are allowed to kill them.

If you need to call an admin type @ And then your message. If you want to send a message to the entire server type // this is OOC, meaning out of character. Do not use this chat to advertise, meta-game or communicate as your role.

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