Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules

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Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules Empty Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules

Post by Phoenix on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:11 pm

• Respect the staff members and fellow players.
• Do not discriminate. i.e. Racism, sexism etc
• You must have a pronounceable name.
• Do not meta game.
• Pornographic sprays are an instant ban.
• Do not spam, this includes voice and text chat.
• Do not cheat or hack.
• Do not RDM.
• Do not claim rooms.
• Do not prop surf or kill.
• Do not exploit bugs, instead notify a staff member. If you're caught exploiting the bug you will be suitably punished.
• Do not door block
• Do not camp the T room.
• Do not delay the round.
• Throwing a grenade at a player(s) without warning is KOS-able.
• Damaging or stealing a Health station without the Detectives Permission is KOS-able.
• Damaging or Breaking a Traitor Tester is KOS-able.
• Killing or damaging an Innocent or Detective in any way or form is KOS-able.
• You are allowed to kill a traitor baiting player.
• Exploding barrels or running towards people with them is KOS-able.
• Disposing of an Unidentified body.
• If a player is seen holding a traitor weapon without stating that they took it from a dead traitor or found a secret knife.
• If someone calls a KOS on another player, and the player that dies is innocent, you may call a KOS on the person who called it.
• Walking past an identified body is not a KOS-able offence.

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