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How to play :D  Empty How to play :D

Post by Phoenix on Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:21 pm

Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Well. You start as either a traitor, innocent, detective or inspector.

Traitor: Your job is to kill everyone besides your fellow traitors. It is best NOT to get caught. You can open a special little traitor shop buy clicking c, in there you can buy all sorts of goodies like special guns, radars, explosives and other random shit.


Your job is to find and kill traitors! You have nothing special. You are a pleb. You are pretty much a slave to detectives and inspectors if you are unproven. To get proven you must either kill a T or get proven VIA the traitor tester.


You are a sassy super sleuth! You have a DNA tester and exactly zero shame. You too, have a goodie menu when you click C. In there you can buy guns, health machine etc. If you find the corpse of a dead traitor you can take their credits.


You are pretty much a glorified innocent. You get one of three goodies, a grappling hook, a jet pack or the best thing of alllllll.......BINOCULARS!

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