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Post by Phoenix on Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:22 pm

OOC - Out Of Character (A chat in which you communicate as yourself and not your chosen role)

NLR - New Life Rule (When you die you must forget everything you knew from your previous life, and you may not go back to that location until 5 minutes have been.. You may not tell anyone how, who, or why you were killed. The only thing that doesn't apply to this rule is for Police,only during a raid on the PD. Police can only NLR in the Police Department.)

RDM - Random Death Match (The act of killing a player randomly/without a valid reason)

FailRP - Fail Role Play (FailRP is the act of doing something IC that is un-roleplay like and covers many different RP situations that you will pick up through playing the game)

FearRP - Fear Role Play (FearRP is the ignoring of the act of fear and doing this is FailRP which usually results in punishment. An example of FearRP is if someone pulls a gun on you then you can't run away or pull out a gun after them and try killing them, you must FEAR their gun. If the person who pulled a gun on you then turns around and is no longer looking at you, you may then retaliate by pulling a gun or other weapon and attacking them because they are no longer pointing a gun at you so therefore FearRP isn't enforced.)

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