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Deathrun Rules Empty Deathrun Rules

Post by Emo Cabbage on Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:27 pm

• Don't intentionally stall or delay the round.
• Don't spam the traps as death.
• Don't button steal, if a death is already at a button then don't steal there button. Go to another button.
• Don't specifically target other players! Your job as a death is to kill ALL runners If you believe someone is targeting you, tell a staff member using @ before your message e.g : "@player A is targeting me".
• No Free-running. This means you can't let anyone go past the trap without activating it because they're your friend.
• Don't Death Avoid. This includes leaving and rejoining, going afk, and/or standing around without pushing any buttons in order to skip your death round.
• No ghosting. Don't go as spectator in Death's area and see what buttons have been pressed then tell the alive Runners.
• Don't go AFK to delay or farm Points.
• Try not to delay for too long, other people do want to play!
• No Hacks, Cheats, or Scripts allowed.
• Tele-camping is NOT allowed. If they spawn and are stuck in you, you will be slain.
• Team Killing is NOT allowed. (This includes breaking things which makes your teammates die, run into a explosive to kill others, etc.)
• Caught doing any of the above will result in punishment (kick/slay/ban) depending on severity.
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