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Use @ [Message Here] To report a player!

1. Do NOT Break the New Life Rule NLR. When you die you must forget everything you knew from your previous life, and you may not go back to that location until 5 minutes have been.. You may not tell anyone how, who, or why you were killed. The only thing that doesn't apply to this rule is for Police,only during a raid on the PD. Police can only NLR in the Police Department.

2. Do NOT Random Deathmatch RDM. Do not kill for no reason.

3. Do NOT random demote. Meaning you may not demote someone because you want their job or because you don’t like them.

4. Do NOT Use OOC (Out Of Character) chat for Meta-gaming. Aka using something said in that chat to apply to the RP.

5. Fading Doors
• May have only 1 per door.
• May not dual door meaning placing two on top of each other.
• May not prop flash.Can't open and close within 5 seconds.
• Do not place a fading door in front of another door.

6. Props
• Do not prop spam.
• Do not prop kill.
• Do not spawn extremely large props as they can kill and causes issues with people and the server.
• Do not build in the streets. (Hobos only)
• Do not prop block.
• Do not prop climb.
• Do not prop surf.

7. Bases
• May not have any illegal items while you have a building sign.
• May have legit climbable props such as a ladder, staircase, or ramp.
• You may base on a roof as long as you all the doors are owned by you or players you are basing with.
• May not be in a public place or stop players from going to somewhere public.
• You may not have stupid, fake or hidden keypads.
• May not have tunnels that lead to death.
• Do not block off normal doors. (even if there is another entrance)
• Must be able to go through without having to crouch-walk through it at any time.

8. Do not launch using fists, stun sticks or props.

9. Do not be a smart-ass about the rules. Admins know best.

10. Respect all players in the server, and do not use OOC to insult others.

11. Do not exploit glitches.

12. Default Mayor laws are not to be overwritten.

13. Guns larger than pistols are illegal by default. Mayor can change which guns are legal.

14. Do not troll.

15. Do not spam.

16. Do not use all caps.

17. Do not disrespect admins. We are only trying to help.

18. Racism and bias towards religion or races are not tolerated.

19. You are allowed to raid a player as a raiding class, but not when they are building. (Must have a sign up though)

20. Do not vote for ban/kick/demote if an admin is on. Just call them.

21. The mayor may not be killed or taken hostage within 5 minutes of becoming mayor.

22. You may only place a sign on your own land.

23. Thieves may NOT work with Gangsters.

24. You cannot rob the mayor, only take him hostage.

25. You cannot lie about items or money given out for raiding. (Ex Raid me for gunz)

26. Only Senior Admins or higher may host events.

27. You must wait 5 minutes before raiding the same place twice, or mug the same person twice.

28. Hobos can build in the street, but not take up most of the walking space in the road.

29. Saying "It's not in da rules" is not an excuse to break anything that can be considered a rule.

30. Do not stun whore or punch whore players. (Hitting them for no reason.)

31. When raiding somebody, you are allowed to kill anybody deemed necessary or significant to the raid: YOU MUST HAVE A LOGICAL REASON. Ex. "He may of stopped the raid/helped the people I was raiding" Is not a reason  

32. If someone is being attacked in the street and is not part of your group. You have no rights to kill them.

33. When doing a raid you must call raid in advert.

34. Do not hide anything on roofs UNLESS you are basing there.

35. Raiding classes must have a base to hide weaponry & stolen goods.

36. Radios are not permitted on the streets. They must remain in your base unless they have been stolen by a thief. If they are on the streets anybody may destroy them.

37. Do not set off the alarms in the stores unless you own the store and you need help. If you do it can result in a warn.

FearRP & FailRP

FailRP is the act of doing something IC that is un-roleplay like and covers many different RP situations that you will pick up through playing the game, one in which being FearRP which is also explained here.
FearRP is the ignoring of the act of fear and doing this is FailRP which usually results in punishment.
An example of FearRP is if someone pulls a gun on you then you can't run away or pull out a gun after them and try killing them, you must FEAR their gun.
If the person who pulled a gun on you then turns around and is no longer looking at you, you may then retaliate by pulling a gun or other weapon and attacking them because they are no longer pointing a gun at you so therefore FearRP isn't enforced.

--Bank Vault Raiding:
--• NLR MUST be enforced and will be punishable. (Use the NLR zones)
--• Players raiding the vault must be inside the building/vault room
--• If a player is raiding\helping raid the vault and dies they are NOT allowed to continue helping with the raid until NLR is over.

Job Rules

• May own property, live with others.
• May not raid or murder people.

• Heal people for money or for free.
• May not raid/steal.
• May not have guns larger than pistols.
• May not work or base with one group, medics must heal everyone.

• The head of the city “elected” into office by the consensus of your people.
• Make laws for the everyone of the city. Common laws include changing which guns are legal.
• Cannot be corrupt.
• May not random demote cops, swat etc.
• May not possess guns larger than pistols.

CP, CP Chief, SWAT, SWAT Sniper, etc:
• The law of the city, having the main job be to protect the people and arrest the criminals.
• May not be corrupt. They may not possess any illegal items.
• Bail must be a minimum of $500. The chief can raise the minimum bail amount or prohibit bail from being taken (no bail).
• May build within the PD ONLY.
• Any illegal items found must be destroyed.
• Seeing a printer explode is not metagaming and is realistic to arrest people within the house where it exploded.
• May not random search, deathmatch, or arrest. They may freely weapon check in the PD.
• May not own a personal base.

Gun Dealer:
• Sells legal arms to anyone for the right price.
• May NOT be part of the mafia.
• May not raid.
• Do NOT self supply yourself with weapons.
• Must have a store at all times.
• Selling anything larger than a pistol may risk getting arrested.

Mob Boss:
• The head of crime in the city.
• Not a thief, but a critical part of the mafia, therefore may not work on his or her own.
• May set up a base and store stolen goods in it.
• Must be working actively with the mafia at all times.

• Part of the city’s underside; a member of organized crime.
• Must follow the mob boss’s orders.
• May not random deathmatch.
• Changing of job title to “rebel”, etc., is not a reason to kill cops.
• May raid with the Mob Boss or take others hostage.
• Cannot work with thieves at any time.

• A lone man, out to make a fortune off of other people.
• May not work with gangsters/mob boss.
• May steal from anyone.
• May work alone, or with other thieves.
• Do not Abuse The climb SWEP to get to glitch spots
• May base. Do not camp in it though.

• A homeless bum trying to earn money on the streets.
• Gaining money could mean begging, singing(must have a stand), etc.
• Recommended to set up a hobo house on the street.
• No guns bigger than pistols.
• Throwing your boot or bug bait is an arrest-able offence.

• A paid killer; kills targets swiftly and quietly.
• Must have a proper RP reason to place a hit.
• May not be used as an RDM job.
• Must charge $1000 minimum per hit.
• May not kill an Admin working as a hit.
• When doing a hit. When you get a hit use. /advert Hit Accepted. When finishing a hit do /advert Hit Complete. These are mandatory.

• May not work with Gangsters or Thieves.
• May conduct Raids.

• Can be killed above ground.
• Attack People in the sewers.
• Lives in the sewers.

• Acts of Terror are allowed but must be announced with /advert.
• There has to be a RP reason for the acts of terror.
• Acts of Terrors include: Bombs (C4), Kidnapping, Raids on PD.

Meth Cook:
• Cannot raid.
• Can use self defense.
• Must have a base of operations.
• Can be protected by thieves (includes custom classes) or gangsters/mob.

• Cannot raid.
• Can base with gundealers\black market.
• Must heal people if asked. (Can charge for it)

By playing on this server, you agree to the rules stated here in the MOTD and rules stated by any administrator.
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